Macks Creek Class of 2023

Macks Creek High School hosted Graduation for the Class of 2023 on Friday, May 12. Twenty-one Seniors stepped onto the stage one final time as students, crossing to become graduates, completing their high school careers. 

This year’s speaker was Macks Creek High School English teacher, Mrs. Jessica Cowan. Mrs. Cowan shared the class was unique and very close knit. “You fight and love each other like brothers and sisters, but that is what makes you special.” She shared memories of the class and how they had been there for each other, and for her. During her speech she reminded them ‘it’s a special time in your life that you will never forget, but it is also a time in your life that you will never get back’. She told them to focus on their dreams, be “doers”, be kind, and encouraged them that even if they didn’t have everything figured out, it is perfectly okay. Lastly, she encouraged them to ‘keep working hard, take risks, and pursue their passions relentlessly.’

Following Mrs. Cowan was Salutatorian, Mr. Logan Gallamore. Logan’s speech focused on the many different people that had helped and encouraged him through his years in school. He started with his parents and family, who had helped to shape and mold him into the person he is today. He spoke of the different coaches that he had worked with: Coach Duggan, Coach Treat, and Coach Rich. He touched on the different teachers that taught him not just about a particular subject, but also life. Mrs. Cowan and Coach Overton helped to show him the importance a teacher can make in a person’s life. He touched on how Mr. Trusty and Dr. Phillips took time to listen or just try to make a person laugh. He shared memories of his classmates and encouraged them to hold onto those memories. To close out he challenged his classmates to follow their dreams with intention.

The final speech of the evening was given by class Valedictorian, Miss Vanessa Christian. Vanessa thanked her mom for being there through thick and thin, and for always supporting her. She was taught to be kind, work hard, and never give up. She thanked her grandparents for encouraging her love of learning. Vanessa also thanked her teachers: Ms. Eidson for dealing with her through the years and helping her to realize ‘you’re the kind of teacher that I want to be.’ Mr. Cullen for the art club and the importance of it to her and to Mr. Trusty and the memories from his time teaching. She thanked Mr. Paschel, Mrs. Cowan, and Mrs. Janke for helping to make the Senior Trip possible. She then shared memories of her classmates and their time together in school. At the close, she shared that it was the determination of each person in the class to help them get to this point. “That determination will be what pushes us to work harder, to always be better.”

Following the conclusion of the speeches attendees watched the Senior Slideshow. The tradition of handing out flowers was observed. During this time a flower is presented by the graduate to a family member or friend that has been a part of their lives. When the slideshow ended the Pirate Award was presented to Logan Gallamore.

The final part of the night was the moment all the students, friends, and family anticipated - the name of each graduate announced as they crossed the stage to receive their diplomas. Board President Sara Stoufer presented a diploma to each Senior. The Macks Creek R-V School District would like to congratulate the Class of 2023 and wish them luck in their new adventures!