1st Grade Project

Macks Creek First Graders participated in an inaugural ocean animal exhibit. Through the event students learned all about ocean animals and had the opportunity to teach others. Each student randomly chose their very own ocean animal to read and learn about. 

The class field trip to Wonders of Wildlife Aquarium helped each student learn more about their animal in a real way. For example students touched live stingrays, starfish and hermit crabs. In class the students read and became familiar with an article about their animal, researched through the "Epic App" on chromebooks, drew and painted their animal, labeled a diagram as well wrote a paragraph relating to their ocean animal.  Lastly, they each created a personalized "Flip Book" to put all their learning all together.  At home, they worked with parents to create either a poster, paper mache model, or a diorama to represent their animal. 

On exhibit day, students presented their work by reading and speaking about their ocean animal. Overall, each student became an ocean animal expert while practicing reading, writing, oral communications and art, all while having fun! Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Tower were excited about this project which they plan to make an annual event.