Senior Scholarships and Awards Night

Macks Creek High School -  Senior Awards Night -  6 p.m. May 11th

Our seniors ended an amazing final year of High School with a scholarships and awards banquet. This event culminated the beginning of many bright futures for the 2023 graduating class of Pirates. The event started with a grand feast for our seniors, families and scholarship donors with catering from the Butcher Shop in Camdenton.

Pictured Left to Right Calli, Connor and Regan in line for food.

Throughout the event we had a number of wonderful speakers who donated thousands of dollars to our seniors. This school year we are pleased to announce that our seniors earned 56,500 dollars in scholarships. We had the Alumni Foundation with Billy Creach presenting scholarships to our students.

Pictured Left to Right Craigen and Billy Creach

We had a few new scholarships last night including two from Ball Parks National with presenter Jeff Vernetti for a scholar athlete and employee. Jeff also presented the Camdenton Rotary Club Scholarships.

Pictured Left to Right Vanessa Wallace and Jeff Vernetti

Our Lady Pirates Basketball Coach Ron Duggan presented the Mariah Walter Memorial Scholarship.

Pictured Left to Right Ron Duggan, Regan, Vanessa, Chase and Logan.

We also had representatives from the American Legion Riders out of Sunrise Beach named Bill and Chris Meenan present their scholarship to Marissa.

Pictured Left to Right: Chris Meenan, Marissa Harkey, Bill Meenan

Our friends at Oak Star Bank also came down to present their Good Citizen Scholarship to Chase.

Pictured Left to Right Chase Whitworth, Cheri Nations

Another one of our wonderful local scholarships was the Dr. Brian Murphy/Pat Stoufer Scholarship. We had the lovely Pat Stoufer speak about the history of this scholarship and its importance.

Pictured Left to Right Logan, Pat Stoufer, Vanessa Christian and Chase.

We had Jim Sherrell presenting the Camden County Farm Bureau Scholarship.

Pictured Left to Right Makenna and Jim Sherrell

A new scholarship last night was the Technical Education Scholarship awarded to Connor.

 Pictured Left to Right Connor and Alexander Jones

The Child Advocacy Council awarded two scholarships last night to our seniors Regan and Daniel.

Pictured Left to Right Regan and Candy Bothwell

We also congradulated Daysha on receivng the John David Fry Veteran Scholarship last night.

Pictured Left to Right Daysha and Mr. Jones

As the scholarship night neared a close we took a moment to celebrate with all of our graduating seniors who earned the Missouri A+ Scholarship. This scholarship helps pay for the first two years of college.

Pictured Left to Right Marissa, Chase, Logan, Mr. Jones, Vanessa W., Craigen, Daniel, Vanessa C., Makenna and Daysha.

This night would not have been possible without our amazing local scholarship donors who believe in the futures of our Macks Creek students. Thank you for your contributions in helping the Class of 2023 Seniors in pursuing their higher educational goals. Congradulations to the Class of 2023 for the hard work that each of these young men and women put in throughout their High School careers to reach this point. This group has a bright future and will be impactful members of their communities.