High School Choir

On Tuesday we held our spring concert entitled "One Fine Night" with performances from the High School Band, High School Choir, "Rock U", Choir on Fire, and the Middle School Music Class. We have very talented students in our school and I am so proud of the work they have done! The Band kicked off the night with John Williams: Movie Themes and Queen in Concert!Rock U was the second to perform showcasing some very talented students in a more modern band setting. They will be performing at this year's Dogwood Festival in Camdenton, so be sure to check them out!

Middle School put together three songs played on buckets and one song performed on their bodies. This required the ability to read and understand some complex rhythms and the group performed them wonderfully!
Our High School Choir students have been working very hard this semester for District performance and they showcased their talent on a few selections. On top of all the districts work they have done they put together an A Capella piece entitled "Run to You" by the Pentatonix. This song was a perfect close to our concert as it was so beautifully performed. 

Authored by: Ms. Jennifer Hopkins