Superintendent’s Corner

    A look at what happened at the regular meeting of the Board of Education on April 21, 2021...

    The meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm by President Michael Parrack. Vice President Byron Willis, Treasurer Jim Wehmeyer, Secretary Stacy Trusty and members Scott Gould, Cheri Nations and Sara Stoufer were all in attendance.

    The election results of April 6, 2021 were certified by the board. In accordance with RSMO.115.124, since the number of candidates who filed was the same as the number of positions to be filled, no election was required. Nonetheless, in accordance with the statute the board must still certify the results. Board members James M. Wehmeyer and Byron Willis were both reelected to 3-year teams. The Macks Creek R-V School District is grateful to both men for their continued service to our district!

    Next, the old board was adjourned and the new board was called to order. The board also conducted an election of officers. The board selected Mr. Michael Parrack to continue serving as President, Mr. Byron Willis to continue to serve as Vice President, Mr. Jim Wehmeyer to continue to serve as Treasurer and Mrs. Stacy Trusty to continue to serve as Secretary.

    The board was led in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance by FFA President, Trever Smith. Trever highlighted this year’s FFA events and activities. Our chapter had a busy year competing in many competitions, performing service projects and hosting events to encourage other students to become interested in joining and learning more about vocational-agricultural pursuits. The chapter is excited to be able to host an in-person banquet next month. Trever earned his FFA State Degree this year. In order for a student to earn the degree, they must keep accurate records of leadership activities, community service, and employment. Trever has been in many leadership roles throughout his FFA career at Macks Creek. He has been the Macks Creek FFA Chapter Treasurer and President as well as the Area VIII FFA Association Historian. In addition to his leadership roles, Trever earned the State Leadership Award, Greenhand Degree, Chapter Degree, Area VIII Degree, and most recently the State Degree. Beyond the classroom, Trever worked at MCS Rental & Supply, Dairy Queen, and Diamond S Limosin while maintaining a high level of academic achievement and athletic involvement at school. Trever will receive his degree at the 93rd Missouri FFA Convention in Sedalia on May 1, 2021. Congratulations Trever!

    Consent Agenda

    The consent agenda was approved which included the Treasurer's Report, March Minutes, as well as the bills, payroll and withholdings in the amount of $313,803.00. The May Meeting board is set for the 19th at 5:30 PM in the Adell LMC.

    Superintendent's Report

    In addition to a cash flow report, Dr. Phillips highlighted the following:

  • Stiles Roofing work is underway. This project consists of making repairs and performing maintenance to the rooftops of the Vo-Ag building, the breezeway between the high school and Vo-Ag, the high school, gymnasium and the flat roof over the K-2 wing.
  • Ronnie Stoufer is also performing roof work and is installing metal to the roofs above the preschool and district offices as well as the 5/6 grade wing. These rooftops were covered with shingles which had reached end-of-life. Mr. Stoufer is also repairing decking as needed and fixing the soffits.
  • Planning for summer cleaning is underway and our custodial staff was recently trained on best practices regarding daily cleaning, deep cleaning and restorative cleaning.
  • Under Old Business, the board reevaluated the COVID-19 Emergency Operating Plan (EOP). Since the last positive case of COVID-19 in our district was in early February and no one has been in quarantine since that time, the board discussed removing some of the COVID-19 restrictions. Dr. Phillips shared feedback gleaned from a survey of employees. The survey allowed faculty and staff to anonymously express concerns regarding their comfort level in removing certain restrictions. For example, while Macks Creek Students have never been required to wear face masks, all adults in the building were required to do so since school began in August. Through the survey it was learned that 94.4% of the respondents indicated they were comfortable making the wearing of face masks for adults optional. The board voted to institute the following changes to the COVID-19 Emergency Operating Plan:
  • Remove all restrictions on after-school gatherings such as banquets, graduation, ceremonies and sporting events.
  • Allow elementary students to resume eating in cafeteria for breakfast and lunch.
  • Make wearing of masks for adults in building optional.
  • Stop taking temperatures of everyone who enters the building.
  • Remove all “return-to-play” restrictions for athletics and resume normal play.
  • Plan to revisit EOP over the summer to determine what protocols (if any) should be left in place to start school.
  • Allow administration to reinstitute measures as needed if an outbreak should occur.
  • Mrs. Pam Derks presented the Title 1 Program Review. She discussed the various plans our district has in place as well as our yearly Title 1 Budget which is just over $110,000. Title I is a federally funded program that provides supplemental help in math and reading to students who qualify. It is designed to help students stay on track relative to fundamental grade level skills. Our Title I teachers are highly trained and prepared to utilize proven techniques and materials to ensure students gain knowledge and skills necessary to be successful.

    The board adopted enhancements to three policies and one regulation. The update to policy 0311 allows board members to participate in meetings both physically or by electronic means. Policy and Regulation 3165 ensures the district checks the federally maintained “Excluded Parties List” to determine if a prospective vendor is debarred or suspended prior to purchases exceeding $25,000. Lastly Policy 4120 relates to appropriate practices when using the Missouri Highway Patrol’s Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS) for the purpose of hiring new employees.

    The board tabled discussions regarding hiring CTS to perform upgrades to the districts geothermal HVAC, adding HVAC to the gymnasium and installing LED lighting to allow Dr. Phillips more time to gather information about the project.

    The Principals presented their report. Please use following link to view the entire report: https://5il.co/rvzn

    The board adjourned the meeting and entered into closed session at 7:23 PM.

    The board voted to reemploy all staff for the 2021-2022 school year.

    The Board of Education approved the resignations of Dr. Kolwyck and Mrs. Kolwyck. Dr. Kolwyck will be the Superintendent of Schools for the Scott County R-4 School District beginning July 1st. Dr. Kolwyck shared “the time at Macks Creek has been wonderful. The support of the Board, community, faculty, staff, and students has been beyond measure. I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet and work with great people the past three years. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to move back close to my family, especially my mother. I believe God always leads the way and He is leading the way now. Thank you for an amazing three years. The memories will be cherished forever.” Dr. Kolwyck and Mrs. Kolwyck will be missed. Our district is grateful to both of them for their dedicated service to our students as Principal and Middle School English Teacher. We wish their entire family the best as they proceed with this new chapter in their lives!

    The board approve the resignation of Mrs. Kyla Brown. Mrs. Brown has served as 3rd grade teacher the past two years. We have appreciated the excitement and enthusiasm she has brought to her students and will miss her! We wish Mrs. Brown and her family the best!

    Macks Creek School is excited to welcome Mrs. Kim Kaibel as our new 3rd grade teacher. Mrs. Kaibel has served as a long-term substitute for many maternity leaves and is already a part of our team. Mrs. Kaibel will receive her degree in Birth to 3rd Grade Elementary Education next month from Central Methodist University.

    The board approved Mrs. Lensy Christiansen to serve as a substitute custodian and cook. We are grateful to have Lensy available when one of our hard working custodians or cooks are unable to be here.

    The board also set a special board meeting for Wednesday, April 28th to evaluate the proposal from CTS and consider applicants for positions we have open.

    The meeting was adjourned at 8:33 PM. 

    The Macks Creek R-V School Board Members sat for a photo during the July regular board meeting. From top left to right: Michael Parrack, Byron Willis, Jim Wehmeyer and Scott Gould. From bottom left to right: Stacy Trusty, Cheri Nations and Sara Stoufer.

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