Superintendent's Corner 

    A look at what happened at the regular meeting of the Board of Education… 

    Monday, January 20, 2020

        The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM by Vice President Michael Parrack.

        The board recited the Pledge of Allegiance

        Consent Agenda

        The consent agenda was approved which included the Treasurer's Report, December Minutes, as well as the bills, payroll and withholdings in the amount of $311,441.69. The February board meeting was set for Friday, February 21 at 5:30 PM in the Adell Library Media Center. No public comment was given.

        Superintendent's Report

        Dr. Josh Phillips highlighted the following:

        -A Financial Report

        - The district continues to advertise the BSN Sideline store.  The store provides patrons opportunities to purchase fully customoziable spririt wear.  Sales from the store also offset the cost of new uniforms to outfit our middle and school athletic teams. Below is an example of a recent promotion: 

        -An anonymous patron recently donated two tubs containing 15 paris of boys shoes and 15 pairs of girls shoes.  Students often come to school in worn out or innapropriate footwear (ex: wearing sandals on a snowy day). While the district has access to various agencies who are willing to donate shoes, it is ideal to have some right here in the building to immediatley give a student who has a need.  Our district is grateful to this patron for this kind and anonymous gift! Thank you!

        -The Brooks family donated this amazing steel fabrication of Pirate Pete during carnival. In turn, it was purchased during the silent auction by a family that doesn't live in district who gave it to a district family as a Christmas gift.  That family felt the best home for such an amazing piece of craftmanship is the right here at Macks Creek School.  Thank you to the Brooks family for the donation and to the other families who saw fit to purchase and give it back to our school.  It is a great day to be a Pirate! 

        It has been a difficult year for our district's roads.  Very wet conditions have lead to flooding throughout the fall and winter.  In the picture below, the Little Niangua is running over the slab on Green's Ford road. Macks Creek School appreciates the work our county road district regularly performs to try and keep pace with the damage the weather has wrought.  We appreciate the willingness of patrons to meet our school buses at various point or even bring their children to school when our buses can't traverse a damaged roadway.  

        New Business

        A. The Board discussed calendar options for the 20-21 school year.  The board will consider survey feedback collected from parents and teachers regarding two proposed options during the February Board Meeting when it formally adopts next year's calendar. 

        B. The board adopted the following policy and regulation updates:

        i.Policy 1210 – School Year and School Day

        ii.Policy 2640 – Student Use of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs

        iii.Policy 4871 – Driver Drug Testing

        iv.Regulation 4871 – Driver Drug Testing

        B. The Principals highlighted the following in their report:

        Our character word for the month is Commitment.Our teachers are in the process of fine-tuning curriculum, implementing Assessment Capable Learners efforts in the classroom, and working on Professional Development Plans, demonstrating their commitment to student success! Excellent discussions are taking place in our classrooms. Our teachers are sending students to the office DAILY who are showing great commitment to their work!! We are so proud of our students for working hard! We are equally as proud of our amazing teachers for their commitment to our students!

        The principals also shared attendance and discipline data before highlighting different activities occurring since the board last met including: 

        The board met in closed session to conduct a performance review for Dr. Phillips and voted to extend Dr. Phillips' contract an additional year. This year marks Dr. Phillips' twentieth year in education and his 8th year serving as our Superintendent of Schools.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:09 PM. 

        Mission Statement

        Inspiring Success: Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day!